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BiRDMAN or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

At the moment the only words I can pull are adjectives. Crazy. Exciting. Enthralling. Riveting. Unsettling. Admittedly, they all more or less mean the same thing. In an age where capes and cowls are being handed out in Hollywood faster than promotions in Leicester Square, no film is more relevant than Birdman, the latest from […]

Et tu, Brute? The Balance Of Power In Music Documentaries

Hollywood has always found ways to cash in on the powerful iconography and cultural weight of musicians and the music industry. From Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock to Sinatra in The Man With The Golden Arm, Hollywood has long used musical star power to sell cinema tickets. Before the digital revolution musicians could stay hidden […]

The gay mafia, Elvis and Operation Yewtree – Interview with Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is one of the last of the ‘old school’ comics. Married five times, in and out of solvency like a glue sniffer on a bungee rope, and rarely out of the news with his controversial stage material and off stage remarks. After a dismal 2013 he has bounced back this year with a […]

Still The Enemy Within

Those of us of a certain generation may find it difficult to perceive the political and cultural significance of the 1984 British miners’ strike. Although the year-long dispute was fought by a particular industry, it united all workers in an ideological campaign against injustice and oppression at the hands of an arrogant Tory government. Such […]

The Grandmaster

If The Grandmaster was competing in one of the martial arts-style bouts it depicts, it would be a rank outsider. For a start, it is billed as an ‘epic action feature’, yet its only recognised ‘action’ star is Zhang Ziyi, who Western audiences won’t have seen since 2005’s decidedly non-combative Memoirs of a Geisha. Then […]

And the new James Bond film will be called…Spectre

The makers of the 24th official James Bond film have revealed it will be called Spectre when it debuts in cinemas next year. Speaking on stage at Pinewood Studios in the UK this morning, returning director Sam Mendes and Bond producer Barbara Broccoli unveiled a short title sequence, as well as the film’s cast and […]

Win The Grandmasters of Kung Fu Film Festival tickets!

To celebrate the release of Wong Kar Wai’s Oscar-nominated The Grandmaster on December 5, OnTheBox has tickets to give away see some of the greatest martial arts films of all time on the big screen this week. Witness Enter The Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers at the cinema again, ahead of a special preview of The […]

Black Sea

The message at the heart of Kevin Macdonald’s new submarine action-thriller Black Sea is that we have become active participants in our own oppression. Powerful social elites and corporations set the board and we move around like chess pieces, desperately taking out our competition as if it’s their fault we’re stuck on the grid. Occasionally […]

What to make of Jurassic World

Universal caught the Internet by surprise Tuesday night when it released the official Jurassic World trailer just one day after releasing a separate teaser trailer announcing the full-length trailer would drop on Thursday evening. Naturally, the Internet “broke”, and almost forty-eight hours after the trailer’s release, the buzz hasn’t abated. Opinion, speculation, and scrutiny have […]

Step Up: All In

Closely following the events of its predecessor, Step Up Revolution, the latest installment in the Step Up franchise, this time titled, Step Up: All In, brings back Ryan Guzman as Sean, the lead dancer for an up and coming crew called, the Mob. Unfortunately for the Mob, things haven’t gone as well as they would […]

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