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Last Knights

I’m not ashamed to say that Kevin Costner’s very American adaptation of Robin Hood (the Prince of Thieves, not the one In Tights) is one of my earliest memories of really loving a film. Who wouldn’t want to live in a tree-house community, sword fight with Alan Rickman for the honour of your beloved or have Christian Slater […]


Ahead of the release of Spectre in November, a lot of talk has gone into who is going to be the next Bond. It might be worth throwing Melissa McCarthy’s name into the hat. Unusual I know but bear with me. Idris Elba was in the running as the first black Bond, Damien Lewis would be the first […]

The Loft

The first rule of The Loft is that you don’t talk about the loft. The second rule of the loft is that you don’t tell your other half about the loft. The third rule of the loft is that if you find yourself buying into a five-way share of a newly built penthouse apartment with your deplorable best […]

No Trees in the Street

No Trees in the Street, the 1959 film starring Herbert Lom and Sylvia Syms, tells the story of a family living in the overcrowded Kennedy Street in pre-war London, where the residents face little prospects and high unemployment. Tommy, the young son of the family, falls in with local racketeer Wilkie, who lures him into […]

What’s going on with Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp is Hollywood’s odd man out, he’s not the action hero or comedic goofball – but has rather created his own place. We all know how talented he is (or can be), but when Mortdecai came along, I was concerned. Someone this good shouldn’t be subjected to Mortdecai (Ewan McGregor, you’re also on notice) […]

Interview: Caroll Spinney (I Am Big Bird)

Since 1969, Caroll Spinney has entertained children all over the world as Sesame Street’s most loved character, Big Bird. This month saw the release of I Am Big Bird, an intimate and heartwarming documentary that chronicles Spinney’s life both in and out of the yellow-feathered suit. We caught up with Caroll to have a chat […]

Does 3D ruin cinematic realism, or add to it?

3D movies are nothing more than a gimmick, a new film industry trick designed to coax us back into theatres. There was a recent time when the movie industry was truly struggling, and 3D was the shiny new toy to get us interested, because we’re easily distracted. I can’t think of a 3D movie that […]

Female Ghostbusters: New Faces, New Heroines

In 1984 the original Ghostbusters starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Fast forward 32 years and the Ghostbusters are back again, but this time with a female cast. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon will be starring in this remake, directed by Paul Feig. With a hilarious star-studded cast, it seemed like things should […]

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken

If Carlsberg did feature length films about the abduction and ransom of its entrepreneurial founder they would probably be far superior to Daniel Alfredson’s laborious and entirely non-thrilling depiction of the real life events of Kidnapping Freddy Heineken. Long story short: a group of friends in Amsterdam in 1982 are denied a bank loan to […]

John Wick

When three Russian thugs kill John Wick’s dog, his world falls apart. As a result, he’s sucked back into his violent past, with a reimagined New York providing the perfect arena for this well-handled revenge thriller. Teaming up with his former stunt double on The Matrix, Keanu Reeves reminds us of the presence he can […]

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