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Ron Scalpello interview (Pressure)

Pressure tells the story of four deep-sea saturation divers who become trapped at the bottom of the Indian Ocean after a storm sinks their ship whilst they are on the dive. I spoke with director Ron Scalpello to find out some more. Hi Ron, so how did the idea for this film come about – […]

Into the Grizzly Maze

If you go down to the woods today be sure to watch out for a bloody great big grizzly bear. His name is Bart. He’s really mad and shouts a lot. And he’s hungry. He doesn’t like humans much at all – other than the way they taste. Aggrieved at the deforestation of his natural habitat and the […]

Addicted to Sheep

Addicted to Sheep tells the story of the Hutchinson family, sheep farmers in the North Pennines who are trying to breed the ultimate Swaledale sheep. The film opens with a shot of farmer Tom assessing a less-than-perfect example – the wool is too frizzy, the horns too widely spaced, the black and white patterning is […]

The Battle for Warsaw

It’s no coincidence the sombre war films win the Oscars, and by the end of The Battle for Warsaw (aka Stones for the Rampart) you think it might have a chance. For the first half, however, it winds its audience up with an overly jocular tone and a particularly annoying techno riff. We’re in the […]

Run All Night

“I’ve done terrible things in my life” growls Liam Neeson. Lying on his back in a wood, a gunshot wound in his side, he gazes up to the misty canopy through glassy eyes and laments past sins catching up to him. We’re very firmly in Taken/A Walk Among the Tombstones territory as we begin Catalan director Jaume Collet-Serra’s third endeavour with the […]

The Water Diviner

2015 marks the centenary of the fateful WWI Gallipoli campaign in which tens of thousands of ANZAC, British and countless more Turkish troops died during months of bitter attrition. The conflict is underrepresented on film, perhaps due to the humiliation of the Allied retreat which marked its conclusion, but it is the starting point for The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe’s directorial […]

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

As I get older and my brain cells slowly decide to move on to greener pastures, I’m often drawn to movie blockbusters. I’ve long past subtitled films, art-y flicks, and indie think pieces. So I’m hoping this explains my enthusiasm for the Mission: Impossible films - only the first and the last one (Mission: Impossible – […]

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (TTTDS) is a good example of why true stories should rarely be copied verbatim when making films. Once I’d become accustomed to the older style of acting that pervades this film, in which the actors seem to have been told to ‘make it look like you’re acting, acting with all […]

Inside Out

The moment a child’s imaginary friend – a creature constituted mainly of cotton candy that is part elephant, cat and dolphin – realises he is obsolete, a memory fading into obscurity, should not bring a grown man close to tears. But Pixar has an uncanny ability to draw people of all ages (yes, I’m 28) into […]

Girl House

When the leading lady of a sexploitation/slasher film says something as horrifically obvious as “I really don’t see how anything bad could happen” you know full well that things are going to get out of hand. College student Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin), mourning the recent death of her father and attempting to lessen the economic burden on her […]

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