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The Town That Dreaded Sundown

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (TTTDS) is a good example of why true stories should rarely be copied verbatim when making films. Once I’d become accustomed to the older style of acting that pervades this film, in which the actors seem to have been told to ‘make it look like you’re acting, acting with all […]

Inside Out

The moment a child’s imaginary friend – a creature constituted mainly of cotton candy that is part elephant, cat and dolphin – realises he is obsolete, a memory fading into obscurity, should not bring a grown man close to tears. But Pixar has an uncanny ability to draw people of all ages (yes, I’m 28) into […]

Girl House

When the leading lady of a sexploitation/slasher film says something as horrifically obvious as “I really don’t see how anything bad could happen” you know full well that things are going to get out of hand. College student Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin), mourning the recent death of her father and attempting to lessen the economic burden on her […]

Ruth & Alex

British director Richard Loncraine’s Ruth & Alex is like a warm blanket on a chilly day. Whilst it may be well worn and a little threadbare in places, it is familiar and comforting nonetheless. Long-married couple Ruth and Alex Carver (Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman) crossed the threshold of their Brooklyn walk-up in the 70s […]

Mr. Turner’s clothed buttocks: most complained about scene last year

In 2014, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) received the largest number of complaints about a sex scene that’s more suggested than depicted. Mr Turner, played by Timothy Spall, is thought to have had sex with his housekeeper during the scene in question however all that’s shown are his buttocks and face. The complaints […]

Auteurs Today

Auteur theory was first cooked up by Alexandre Alstruc, who called upon filmmakers to use the camera as a pen. Alstruc believed that it was the film director, and not the screenwriter, who was the true author of the film as they were the ones who placed their imprint on every frame of the film. […]

Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy demands to be listened to as intently as it is watched. An assault on the senses from its cacophonous opening bars to milder end notes, the biopic delves into the mind, ears and turbulent life of Beach Boys co-founder, Brian Wilson. Pulling no punches in laying the visionary musician bare, director Bill Pohlad and writers Oren Moverman […]

Suite Française

Suite Française, the romantic drama from director Saul Dibb (The Duchess) and co-written by Matt Charman, is based on the unfinished book by Irène Némirovsky. Némirovsky originally planned to write five novels, but only completed two before her death at Auschwitz in 1942. These first two books in the series have been brought together for […]

Prince Charming, In Real Life

Disney has decided that you and I need to be subjected to a live-action Prince Charming film. News outlet Variety, reports that the film will be a revisionist take, and the story will be from the perspective of his ‘not as smart’ brother, who ‘never lived up to the family name’ (I’m assuming that family […]

The justification for remakes

In the roll-call of cinematic artistic credibility, remakes and reboots loiter in the doldrums, somewhere between J-Lo rom-coms and gonzo porn. Despite this, Hollywood fling umpteen remakes every year leading to accusations of a dearth of imagination in the film industry and a plea for a return to the creativity of the good old days. […]

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