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BBC 2   -   Saturday, 31 January


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0535 : Quantrill's Raiders

American Civil War adventure in which an outlaw, sympathetic to the Confederate cause, is persuaded to attempt a daring raid on a Union-held town to destroy an ammunition dump. Also in HD. [1958] [S]

0645 : Bitter Victory

Second World War drama about two soldiers in north Africa, one of whom suspects the other of an affair with his wife. Their feud escalates when they are sent on a commando mission. [B&W, 1958] [S]

0825 : Tennis: Australian Open Women's...

...Final. Sue Barker presents live coverage of the Australian Open women's final - 2015's first Grand Slam. Commentary comes from Andrew Castle and John Lloyd. Also in HD. [S]

1130 : Animal Park

6/20. Ben Fogle and Kate Humble explore life behind the scenes at Longleat House and Safari Park. With cubs on the way, there are dramatic developments in Wolf Wood. [S]

1200 : James Martin: Home Comforts

10/15. A Taste of Adventure: James Martin shares the recipes he cooks at home. From his kitchen at home in Hampshire, James takes us on a culinary adventure. Also in HD. [AD,S]

1245 : Hollywood Greats

Jonathan Ross profiles Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas. In a rare interview, Douglas discusses his long movie career. [S]

1325 : Lust for Life

Biopic of the artist Vincent van Gogh. Driven by intense passions, Van Gogh finds himself too often at odds with the world around him as he struggles to make his mark. Also in HD. [1956] [S]

1525 : Hidalgo

Action adventure. A wealthy Arab sheikh invites a disenchanted ex-cavalry officer from the United States (Viggo Mortensen) to enter the famous Ocean of Fire race in the desert. Also in HD. [2004] [S]

1730 : The Great British Sewing Bee

Amateurs test their sewing and dressmaking skills. The class of 2014's sewers have come a long way since their time in the sewing room. This is a look back at their best moments. Also in HD. [S]

1830 : Flog It!

Paul Martin takes the Flog It! team to Colchester and is joined by experts Kate Bateman and David Barby. Kate gets a surprise when old toy cars attract attention. Also in HD. [S]

1930 : Attenborough's Paradise Birds

Documentary tracing David Attenborough's lifelong passion for birds of paradise, from the forests of New Guinea more than 50 years ago to the desert of Qatar today. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2030 : Dad's Army

3/6. Gorilla Warfare: Classic sitcom. During an exercise, Captain Mainwaring takes the role of a highly important secret agent. The regular army try to prevent him completing his mission. [S]

2100 : The Secret World of Lewis Carroll

Documentary to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Martha Kearney explores the life and imagination of Lewis Carroll. [AD,S]

2200 : QI

18/18. VG: Part Two: A compilation of favourite moments from the series, with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies. Also in HD. [S]

2230 : Ginger&Rosa

Drama. In the turbulent sixties, the friendship of the politically engaged teenagers Ginger and Rosa is suddenly tested to its limits. Also in HD. [2012] [S]

2355 : The Tempest

Adaptation of Shakespeare's play. Prospera is banished from Milan by her brother and finds herself stranded on an island with her daughter, where she waits to take her revenge. Also in HD. [2011] [S]

0140 : This Is BBC Two

Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]

0600 : The Football League Show

Manish Bhasin presents drama from all three divisions of the Football League. Matches include Cardiff v Derby, Brentford v Middlesbrough and Bournemouth v Watford. Also in HD. [S]

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