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BBC 2   -   Monday, 30 November


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0600 : Escape to the Country

Nicki Chapman helps a property-hunting couple with£650,000 to spend swap the fast pace of London life for a village community in Dorset. Also in HD. [AD,S]

0645 : Oxford Street Revealed

5/10. Observational documentary series. Oxford Street's undercover police team try and stamp out the cup and ball gaming scam taking tourists for a ride. Also in HD. [AD,S]

0730 : Len and Ainsley's Big Food...

...Adventure. 10/10. South London: The pair hit south London, where Len samples Portuguese and Japanese cuisine. Also in HD. [AD,S]

0815 : Caught Red Handed

2/20. Dom Littlewood looks at clever new methods to catch crooks. A robber swings a homemade weapon at two friends, and a gang of sneaky crooks target the elderly in Kent. [AD,S,SL]

0845 : Thief Trackers

2/10. Reality series following stolen possessions. When a young woman is robbed of her laptop, the tracker reveals its curious journey around London's theatre district. [S,SL]

0915 : Victoria Derbyshire

The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. Also in HD. [S]

1100 : BBC News

Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. Also in HD. [S]

1200 : Daily Politics

Jo Coburn with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Also in HD. [S]

1300 : Snooker: UK Championship 2015

Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage from the UK Championship in York, where the third round is about to get underway. Matches are the best of 11 frames. Also in HD. [S]

1800 : Eggheads

Jeremy Vine hosts the show in which teams from all over the UK take on probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quiz champions. Also in HD. [S]

1830 : Strictly Come Dancing - It...

...Takes Two. Zoe Ball chats exclusively to the latest couple to leave the competition. Also in HD. [S]

1900 : Grand Tours of the Scottish...

...Islands. Islay: A Race Apart: Paul travels along Islay's coast, through its ports and villages to its highest mountain. Also in HD. [S]

1930 : Only Connect

20/27. Athenians v Bookworms: Quiz show about making connections. The Athenians and Bookworms return for a last chance to make it to the quarter-finals. Also in HD. [S]

2000 : University Challenge

21/37. Quiz show for students. In the second round of the competition, two more teams do battle to reach the quarter-finals. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions. Also in HD. [S]

2030 : Simply Nigella

5/7. Recipes include a chicken shawarma and a liquorice and blackcurrant chocolate cake. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2100 : London Spy

4/5. Drama mini-series. Danny is confronted with a side of his lover's life that seems to undermine their relationship. As he wonders whether to give up, he remembers a vital clue. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2200 : Live at the Apollo

4/6. Stand-up comedy from the Hammersmith Apollo. Asian Provocateur star Romesh Ranganathan hosts, introducing top Irish comic Jason Byrne and master of one-liners Stewart Francis. Also in HD. [S]

2230 : Newsnight

In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Emily Maitlis. Also in HD. [S] Followed by weather.

2315 : Snooker: UK Championship 2015...

...Highlights. Jason Mohammad introduces highlights from Monday's third-round matches at the Barbican Centre in York, where a total prize fund of£732,000 is up for grabs. Also in HD. [S]

0005 : Snooker: UK Championship Extra

Hazel Irvine presents highlights from Monday's action at the Barbican Centre in York. Also in HD. [S]

0205 : The Apprentice

8/12. Party Planning: The candidates travel to the Museum of Childhood, where Lord Sugar gives the teams two days to set up and host a children's party for some high-spending clients. [S,SL]

0305 : The Great Pottery Throw Down

3/6. The potters return to Stoke-on-Trent for more tests of their skills and creativity. In the main make, they must make ten identical long-necked vases using the raku technique. [AD,S,SL]

0405 : This Is BBC Two

Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]

0600 : Fake Britain

6/10. Matt Allwright investigates the conmen trying to get their hands on your money. Matt finds out how fake documents are being used to smuggle illegal food and animal products. Also in HD. [S]

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